Unfriendly Fire
How the gay ban undermines the military and weakens America


Back on East Coast time! With a little help from the Daily Show, “Unfriendly Fire” catapulted this week from an Amazon ranking over 10,000 to as low as 205! It hit #44 in non-fiction, outselling the evil Ann Coulter, and hit #1 in several categories, including “public policy” and “gay and lesbian.” If you write a quick review on Amazon, you could help persuade visitors to buy the book: Unfriendly Fire on Amazon.com.

Blogging at the radio studio with Benicio

Blogging at the radio studio with Benicio

I had two great days in Chicago. I joined the “shock jock,” Mancow Muller and I think I asked him on national radio when the last time was he slept with his wife. He was on my side on the issue, but cracked jokes based on gay stereotypes and I figured the best route was to dish it right back.

For my reading at Border’s Books, several old friends from my Northwestern days joined me and took me out for dinner after. My wonderful host, Kerah, chauffeured me all around town and she and her adorable son, Benicio, even accompanied me to the radio show. As I tried to caffeinate for the show, Benicio, who like any four-year-old loves to press buttons generously offered to buy a coke from the vending machine, take the soda for himself, and give the caffeine to me.

The next day I did my first university book signing which was, fittingly at Northwestern, my alma mater, and snagged a 99-cent chocolate crepe at Norris Center’s 1999. Next signing is in DC Monday nite at Lambda Rising, 6:30pm.

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